Not so Sweet Dreams for C Suite Executives, trying to Fill Openings in the Ranks.

The C Suite needs to understand that although unemployment has risen, the awareness of options for prospective and current employees has skyrocketed.

The Millennials are more concerned with short term wins for a job, turning instead to favor careers that support their more carefree, independent lifestyles. Many are moving toward entrepreneurship and thus are not invested in the growth or successes of their employer. Baby Boomers are retiring and taking their depth of knowledge with them. This is a resource that Millennials can’t replace, even with their tech savviness. Gen Xers have amassed knowledge and accomplishments and are dissatisfied with their careers and looking to fulfill passions spurred in part by the envy of the unapologetic lifestyles of the Millennials. Who’s left? the typically overlooked Generation Y and any outliers of the Millennials and Gen Xers that are vested in their career choices.

C Suite inhibitors need to understand that they must meet the psycho-graphic needs of this segment while offering them better fringe options to supplant the possibly looming ideas of entrepreneurship and side hustling.

Opening the way to intrapreneurship and quality lifestyle boosts will prod them into the seats where their time, energy and growing expertise can be better utilized for the good of the company.

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