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How to Survive the Noise of Our Lives.

There's a lot of noise out there! Nevermind all of the traffic, and trains, and buses, and people, and machines, and television, and radio, and music, and video, our phones, and tablets, and computers, and, and , and...

Somehow we've adapted and learned to tune it all out! or at least, drown one or more noises out with a different one we happen to be focused on at the moment.

But what about the noise that we don't pay attention to? The noise of everyone trying to be - as they said 'back in the day', "just like Mike." The noise of too many options, and not enough solutions. The noise of life happening... How can someone trying to find their way in this world, follow their path without distractions? Well, I'm here to tell you the secret to this. Ready???

They can't! I know you thought I was going to give you some profound statement, or pearl of wisdom...nope! The truth is, there will always be distractions, despite our best efforts. Our body even multitasks, unconsiously. We breath, blink, and more, while our heart beats all at the same time.

As humans, we have survived thousands of years, through all kinds of calamities, diseases, and predators because we adapt and overcome.

But, how do you adapt and overcome in a climate where everyone seems to be doing the same thing, and trying to stand out all at the same time? Well, you listen to your still small voice. Yep, that's it. The big secret. Have you ever thought about why God allows us to talk and hear ourselves in our head? Well, because there is only so much INPUTs from outside sources that we can receive at any given time. If you know anything about inputs, you know that they have to be processed to become outputs. Our inputs are the things that we read, watch, listen to, feel, and smell. Our thoughts process and assign value and meaning, and then we deliver our Outputs to the world for someone else to receive. They then do the same thing, receive, process, assign, deliver. Now, I want you to know that we process information ALL the time. Even while sleeping!

What most of us don't do is process intentionally and meaningfully. We just do things because; we should, someone told us to, or for whatever reason... If you really take a moment (well more than that, take an hour, a day, go on a personal retreat) and process your experiences, your thoughts, your wishes, etc... then you can forge forward to turn your dreams into more tangible results. The more time you can take "away from it all" on a regular basis to intently focus yourself on your goals, you will find your efforts to be increasingly fruitful. Now, you can't just use that time to catch up on some sleep, get some rest or play hookie. You are hitting pause on all the noise and listening for your voice.

As you continue to make the effort and actually...pause... then you will hear YOU..the true, unadulterated, you. This is how you remain authentic in a world of carbon copies.

If you listen intently, you will find that your voice and ideas are truely unique and different. because each of us are unique, we bring nuances that can change the world. It starts with you being brave enough to stop, hear yourself, and remain true to who you are! As Shakespeare said, "to thine own self be true." This is a KE2SUCCESS.

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