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Pull Over! I'm Lost!

Have you ever been lost in while driving in a car and turned down the radio? Many of us either have done this or been with someone who has. It's just something about eliminating extraneous noise that allows you to truly focus towards and intended outcome. When in the car, you turn down the radio, or ask everyone to "shhh" so you can think and figure out how to get back on track.

If the GPS is built into the car - it will not allow you to do too much reprogramming while you are driving. It's for your safety and those around you on the road. Some times you are so lost, that you just have to pull over. It's no different in other areas of your life. You are still trying to get to an intended destination. To get where you are going in your life sometimes you have to pull over, reprogram your internal GPS, check the map, find a detour, avoid toll get the picture.

This means, assess the situation, how did I get here? Create a plan to get out of there, implement the plan, then follow through and reassess to stay on track.

Let's say you want to buy a house but know that you have a poor credit score...

Uh-Oh -I'm lost (bad credit) can't get to my destination - a new home.

Pull over - stop what you are doing and assess what happened.

  • Lost my job?

  • student loan payments too high?

  • love new shoes, clothes, or restaurants? you get it.

Reprogram - stop spending $20 bucks a day on lunch or get a part time job, start a business for extra income.

Get back on the road - save new money earned or not spent, pay credit cards on time, in full and off.

Re-Assess- am I keeping to the plan, do I need to do something else, recheck credit score...

Arrive - able to qualify for mortgage and/or purchase new home! YAY!

If you don't recognize that you are lost and the need to pull over, you can affect your safety, that of those traveling along side you on the road, and those with you on the journey. Being humble, conscientious of others needs, and knowing when to seek help, each are a KE2SUCCESS.


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