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Business Consulting & Coaching

Business consulting services to pre-startup, startup and existing businesses in the areas of Business Organization, Management and HR Consulting. Have an Idea for a business, but not sure where to start?  Need assistance with business planning?​ We'll help you choose the right business structure, complete and process the paperwork, create the necessary corporate documents, even assist with Charitable 501(c)3 organization creation. We've got you and your business goals and objectives in mind.

Workshops & Training

Informational, Inspirational and Transformational Seminars in life-changing areas of Entrepreneurship, Self Empowerment, Leadership, Goal Setting,  and more...Passionate about entrepreneurship training for youth, young adults and those transitioning between careers, you will learn how to get rid of a "job" and build a career worth having.

Speaking Engagements

Empowerment - engaging and interactive topics on Entrepreneurship, Success, Mindset Makeover, Limiting beliefs, Leadership,  and more... to guide the audience to the necessary tools to improve their position in life.


Karen delivers salient information using her 3Rs approach, sharing solid principles and How-To(s) in a Relevant, Relative and Relatable manner.

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Ever since I left your class, I've been remembering everything that you taught us about succeeding. You influenced me a lot and with your motivational words helped me move forward.

- GCR, NYC  

"I took advantage of Karen's free consultation to find out where my gaps were in my business. She quickly identified what my next step should be AND gave me additional advice for structuring my biz in the future. She gave me so much value in a free call! I'll definitely be calling her when it's time to take my biz structure to the next level."


"Watching Karen's brain work during our session was AMAZING! Not only did she answer my question but she gave me strategies I didn't even know I needed. She sees the big picture and knows every piece of the puzzle to get you from A to Z! Having the privilege of being coached by Karen took my business to the next level. I'm no longer confused and unsure of my next steps."


"Karen Eason really helped me take my existing business to the next level. Her personalized coaching made me realize the areas where I needed to put more focus in order to grow my client base, and she provided valuable strategies and tools to guide me towards a more successful business plan. Her expert advice was a sound investment that brought tangible results. Thank you, Karen!"


"Mindset - If you have a negative mindset, or can't get it together and you're wondering why, she can help you.  She's like a spiritually led life coach for life and business."


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