My career wasn’t all kicks and giggles!  I struggled through defeat, fear and confusion, just like anyone else.  And that’s why I’m here today, able to help others.

You see, before becoming the Entrepreneur’s Advocate, I had my struggles and challenges as an entrepreneur, succumbing to the myriad of pitfalls due to inexperience and dreamer’s goggles. 

I had done everything “they” told me to do; “go to school, get your education”, “Get a good job” in corporate America, “keep your head down and work hard & smart”, strive to “climb the ladder” and you’ll succeed. 

Corporate America, just wasn’t for me.


I was an independent spirit that longed to make her mark in the world on her own terms.  Entrepreneurship was supposed to be a no-brainer!


I had the education, work experience, tenacity and work ethic.  I was supposed to be able to achieve the American dream of business ownership and success. 

Guess what….. Even with my three college degrees, and not one, but two professional licenses, there was a time when I struggled on my path to creating a business that was both profitable and sustainable.  


I failed in business at one point because I didn’t have the knowledge and support necessary, and I didn’t know where to turn for help...  

So I did what any self-respecting individual would do…I went back to school for more education! Then I pursued and received two professional licenses.

Now, I love and advocate for education (I mean, hey, I'm a college instructor!) and I believe in life-long learning, but it didn’t help guide me through the murky waters of entrepreneurship.  I had all of this knowledge and experience and yet, I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  


I learned through years of trial and error and it cost me a lot, dearly even…in time, money and relationships.  I made it through, and I want to help you avoid the price that I paid.


Karen's purpose in life is to transfer knowledge for others to leverage. Her hope is that sharing her knowledge will be a catalyst for a positive change forward for those she meets and works with and that it will cascade from them to help the greater community at large.  In a word...IMPACT




Karen is a Professional Educator, Mindset Spark and Entrepreneurial Advocate, that specializes in assisting people to achieve upshifts in order to realize their dream of success financially and in business ownership.  

She specializes in working with and helping aspiring, new and small business entrepreneurs through navigating the depth and breadth of material and information available for business owners.


An ideas generator, a core strength is in visualizing the bigger picture, developing a strategic action plan, and integrating the vision, resources and implementation steps to accomplish it, all the while, motivating, and encouraging the mindset shift needed to achieve success.

At the Table


She brings her experience in Leadership, Management, Education, Operations, HR and Finance to help clients shift from being stuck in the murky confusion and immobility of business ownership, as well as just “life” in general, to clearing a path to move forward with their goals and dreams toward success.  

Not Your Average Coach~

You could describe how she helps people as a “coach.” Just don’t let her hear you say it! Everywhere you turn, there’s a “coach!” Karen is not just a “coach” she’s a: Guide, supporter, adviser, mentor, professional, authority, life-long learner, teacher, counselor, soon to be author,  trainer, and more… She’s your ADVOCATE!

If you are aspiring or emerging entrepreneur striving to reduce or eliminate the confusion, frustration, and stress about the startup business process…


If you are a small business looking to gain clarity and focus to move from dream to reality of building a successful, profitable and thriving business, on a solid foundation…


If you just want your business to pay YOU instead of taking all your money...


If you want to save yourself time and money while getting there…

Connect with me here.

I look forward to serving you!


I help aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs like you who may be stumped by the start-up process, stressed by the chaotic environment entrepreneurship can breed or struggling to scale their business or to transition from entrepreneur to a small business owner. (YES! There is a difference.)


I bring to the table what many coaches can’t, personal entrepreneurship experience and over 15 years of Business Consulting Experience with exposure and direct involvement in a variety of industry segments along with more than 25 years of Business, Management, HR, Finance, and Operations experience.


Education and knowledge are KEYs to growth and success, yet, without dedication and application, you can’t unlock the door.


There is no cookie-cutter approach!

I meet you at your point in the entrepreneurial process and have a vested interest in building a working relationship with you and in seeing you succeed.


I meet you at your point in the entrepreneurial process and have a vested interest in building a working relationship with you and in seeing you succeed.


  You’re not just a client, I am committed to serving you with high value in a professional, down to earth, honest, ethical, respectful approach, wrapped in excellence.  You won’t go it alone, I’m with you all the way!