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My career wasn’t all kicks and giggles!  I struggled through defeat, fear and confusion, just like anyone else.  And that’s why I’m here today, able to help others.

You see, before becoming the Entrepreneur’s Advocate, I had my struggles and challenges as an entrepreneur, succumbing to the myriad of pitfalls due to inexperience and dreamer’s goggles. 

I had done everything “they” told me to do; “go to school, get your education”, “Get a good job” in corporate America, “keep your head down and work hard & smart”, strive to “climb the ladder” and you’ll succeed. 

Corporate America, just wasn’t for me.


I was an independent spirit that longed to make her mark in the world on her own terms.  Entrepreneurship was supposed to be a no-brainer!


I had the education, work experience, tenacity and work ethic.  I was supposed to be able to achieve the American dream of business ownership and success. 

Image by Alex Nemo Hanse

Guess what….. Even with my three college degrees, and not one, but two professional licenses, there was a time when I struggled on my path to creating a business that was both profitable and sustainable.  


I failed in business at one point because I didn’t have the knowledge and support necessary, and I didn’t know where to turn for help...  

Image by Estée Janssens

So I did what any self-respecting individual would do…I went back to school for more education! Then I pursued and received two professional licenses.

Now, I love and advocate for education (I mean, hey, I'm a college instructor!) and I believe in life-long learning, but it didn’t help guide me through the murky waters of entrepreneurship.  I had all of this knowledge and experience and yet, I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  


I learned through years of trial and error and it cost me a lot, dearly even…in time, money and relationships.  I made it through, and I want to help you avoid the price that I paid.

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