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If you have been giving away your time, crafts, products or services for free, I have a special title for you too.

 It's called an Un-trepreneur.


Many of you have been giving so selflessly to family, friends and charities, and that's wonderful! still have bills right? You still dream of the day where you can have and do more. Don't you?

Most Un-trepreneurs don’t think much of their gift or product.  It’s “just something they do” naturally, or for fun, as a hobby, to make a few extra dollars or just because they want and like to help others.

But guess what?...Your family and friends think highly of your product or service, because they keep coming to you for help, right?  Many of them have even encouraged you to make a business out of it.  They see the value of what you provide, but You...the Un-trepreneur…has paid little to no attention to it. 

Finally, after all those years, you've begun to see the light and are ready to get paid for your long spent time and money, and want to make it an official business.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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"Most businesses start with one person, the owner, wearing many hats. I call them Nano, Micro and Solo-preneurs.  It takes time for them to grow into a Small Business.  I recognize the visceral and unique needs of this particular special segment of the business world." 

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