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Learn the truth about Goals: what are they, how to set proper Goals using KE's effective "S.M.A.R.T.E.R." Goal setting technique.  It's focused on not just setting goals, more importantly how to reach them!


This is a WORK shop, no sitting back and listening.

You will: Set Long Term (3-5 years), Intermediate (1-3 years), Short Term (1 year) and Immediate (90 days) goals.

What will you gain by attending this workshop?

  • Understand what a goal really is and how to reframe that dreadful word!

  • How to create a proper “goal”

  • Techniques to accomplish your goals

  • Actually set your goals for the first 90 days of 2017

  • Get on track towards reaching the success you really want

  • Relieve the despair, stress and frustration from feeling like you’re stuck and not moving forward with clarity and focus.

Learn about starting your business.  Whether it's a service or product based idea, you will learn the key steps to getting started.  


This is a WORKshop, and it's called that for a reason.  Don't plan to just sit back and listen, it is interactive and focused on your leaving with tangible results of your time well utilized.  


You will:

Learn the basics every business needs

Determine your business structure

Define your areas of support

Develop your idea

Define your 30 day action plan

Work as part of a mastermind group.

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